About the company


For 30 years, SOWADA SP.J. has been a comprehensive supplier of tyre services and car workshops dealing with tyres, car mechanics, diagnostics, air-conditioning, both consumables (e.g. weights, valves, repair cartridges, TPMS sensors) and machines and equipment necessary for any professional service (e.g. tyre assemblers, wheel balancers, car lifts, etc.). We supply consumables such as weights, valves, repair cartridges, TPMS sensors, as well as machines and equipment necessary in every professional service (including tyre changers, wheel balancers, car lifts, geometry equipment, induction heaters, air conditioning service equipment, diagnostic equipment, TPMS testers and many others).

Sales in our company are handled by tradesmen with many years of experience, who will always propose an optimal solution, individually tailored to the needs of each customer. Sales representatives participate in product, service and customer service training courses on an ongoing basis, which is why we provide services at a high level. Thanks to our professional service, for 30 years we have gained trust of several hundred service centres, which constitute the basic group of our regular customers. We are a reliable partner, therefore we invite to cooperation all companies looking for reliable suppliers.


The history of our company!